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Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of questions we get asked the most often. To learn about the topic you’re interested in, simply click on one of the links directly below:


Can I use Muriatic Acid to clean my brick?

It is not recommended. There are many new commercial cleaning compounds on the market today that will clean new masonry. The safest way to determine the proper cleaning solution for a given type of brick is to ask the brick manufacturer or brick distributor for their recommendation.  Click on Contact, and we will get back to you.

Does Rose Brick manufacture the brick it sells?

No, Rose Brick is a distributor of brick, block, stone, hardscape/landscape, fireplaces, and masonry materials. We stock and deliver these products from our local yards and from our distribution network.

Does Rose Brick sell to the general public or just to builders?

We do sell to the general public as well as to builders and contractors.

Is everything stocked at all locations?

Product inventory will vary. Please reach out to one of our locations for stock availability.

Does the selection of mortar color matter when I select my brick?

Yes, mortar is nearly 20% of your wall and will make a big difference in the overall look.

How are brick priced?

They are priced per 1,000 pieces or per square foot, although they are packaged in smaller quantities due to the weight of the brick.

How does a builder's allowance work?

Builders typically give their homebuyers allowances for the many options they have in selecting materials for their home. Brick is no exception. Normally, any amount exceeding the allowance is counted as an extra charge to the homeowner.

What forms of payment are accepted for orders?

All orders must be paid in full before delivery, unless you have a current credit approved account. Payment may be made by cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover. All checks must be accompanied by a valid driver's license, picture state I.D. or military ID; telephone # and mailing address. (P.O. Boxes are not sufficient). Your checks must be imprinted with purchaser's name.
We do not accept starter checks. All checks must be made payable to: Rose Brick
Returned checks will be charged a fee equal to the maximum allowed by law.

Does Rose Brick deliver?

Minimum Yard Brick Orders:

Plant Orders to Yard
1 Strap
2 Cubes
Based on individual manufacturer requirements and may be subject to additional charges.

Delivery dates and times are subject to change. Delivery beyond the curb line is at the sole risk of the purchaser. Title to products picked up passes to the purchaser at point of loading.

Why should I purchase the brick and related materials for my project from Rose Brick?

Rose Brick has one of the widest selection of brick, stone, hardscape/landscape materials and tools/materials in the Midwest. Our network of distributors help us provide the highest quality service in the marketplace. We have highly skilled sales staff supported by a team of customer service representatives to ensure customer satisfaction.

Can Rose Brick help me with my brick matching?

Yes, just go to the contact page and send us a photo of the brick, the quantity needed, the brick dimensions, and the job address.

How can I open an account with Rose Brick?

To open an account download our Credit Application and then email it to